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Premium WordPress Theme Installation and Customization Service!

Do you need a website?  Want to create one but don’t have enough time or technical know how? "we are here" for you! Let us show you WordPress! We'll set up everything with our (AdvancedBasiCs) WordPress Installation and theme customization service.. Read more

  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme install
  • Child Theme Creation
  • Insert Sample data
  • Required plugin installs
  • Upload your own logo
  • Footer credit removal
  • Adding a sample navigation menu
  • Adding sample widgets
  • Photographic Art and Marketing materials that are specific to your needs.

We take pride in making you not only look great, but making sure that people take notice while you're doing it. With this objective, we will tailor the materials you need to help accomplish your goals whatever they are.. to do this, takes  skill and dedication, and when you work with designers such as US@ilLFxDESiGN, you can expect just that.

AdvancedBasiCs -Package for Just $299

AdvancedBasiCs is a Marketing and Promotions package for artists and producers. Need more? Read on or test drive.